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Finale status: INCOMING

Yes, yes, I know, this is the first post in, like, forever.  I can either write blog posts or scripts, which do you prefer?  That's what I thought.

Anyway, Pardon is not the finale.  After an epic case of writer's block and something like six complete rewrites I surrendered and just wrote this up.  And it's funny so everyone wins.

Next week, the season finale.  As those of you who follow us on Twitter already know: MAAAAATLLLOOOOOOCK!

Wil Wheaton Invitational Poker Tournament Shoutouts

On Sunday I entered and was subsequently beat up in a poker tournament hosted by TV's Wil Wheaton (finished 52nd, not my finest hour).  While playing some of the other participants and I got to discussing our various projects and I said I would tell our loyal viewers about their sites.  So go check these places out, not just because they're run by better poker players than me but because they're cool people:

Riff Raff Theater

There were more but I lost your URLs.  Email me and I'll add you to the list.

Attn: New Viewers

I'm talking to you, Felicia Day fans.

I put it on the About page but it bears repeating: For the love of god don't start at Episode 1x01.  This ain't Lost, the episodes stand alone and the early ones are terrible, and they get funnier as the series goes along.  Jump around, pick some at random, don't feel obligated to do them in order.  Plus we've even changed machinima programs since Season 1.  Not a good representation of the series.

If you're looking for some recommendations here are some of my favorites:

4x03 - Lodi
3x12 - What Is Love?
3x13 - A Very Joe Christmas
4x02 - April Fools
3x04 - Camping Trip
2x10 - Beardless

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