What should I watch first?

We don't take kindly to things like continuity around these parts. Luke and Joe isn't Lost. It's not even Two and a Half Men. It doesn't matter what order you watch the episodes in. You don't even have to watch the first part of any given two-parter.

Your best bet is to watch the current episode by clicking on the big image in the middle of the home page. But if you're really serious about getting some viewing suggestions, here you go:

The Luke's Mom Saga

2x02: Santa Cruz: The Previous Generation 2x02: Santa Cruz:
The Previous Generation
2x06: The Other Woman 2x06: The Other Woman
2x09: The Adventures Without Luke and Joe 2x09: The Adventures Without Luke and Joe

The Best of The Adventures of Luke and Joe

2x04: Reporters 2x04: Reporters
2x10: Beardless 2x10: Beardless
1x07: Return to Santa Cruz 1x07: Return to
Santa Cruz
2x08: The Adventures Without Luke and Joe 2x08: America Sings

Okay, now tell me about the show!

So you'd like to know about Luke and Joe, would you? Well sit right down and let me tell you their tale.

The Adventures of Luke and Joe is the creation of Danny Willis and Ash McGonigal. It's gone through several incarnations ranging from radio to a full-length live-action screenplay (which is for sale, by the way).

It sat on the back burner for a couple years until, for reasons nobody can remember anymore, Ash and Danny decided that it needed to be a cartoon. After working out some stories they came to the realization ("By the way, are you drawing this?" "I can't draw. I thought you were doing it." "I can't even draw a stick figure." "Huh.") that it was going to be machinima.

Season 1 was crafted in The Movies. You know, that Peter Molyneux game with loads of unfulfilled promise. As it turns out it makes some pretty decent animation, as long as you don't mind spastic movements and the fact that the EULA says Activision owns your first born child.

It began with Ash and Danny as well as their friend Robin St. Clare and Luke and Joe veteran Chris Wood. And, against all odds, it worked. As the season progressed they added more cast, more characters and got better at the whole process. The writing got sharper, the directing tighter, the pacing quicker and the acting marginally improved.

After Season 1 ended the team decided to get more ambitious. Web design guru Dave Dorsey was brought on board to upgrade the web site, which previously looked so antiquated that the cast of Tron would think it was a bit tacky. The engine behind the show was upgraded to MovieStorm, which is not only much more flexible but has a much less draconian EULA.

Which brings us to what you see here. We hope you like it. If you do, or if you don't for that matter, we always welcome your comments. Let us know what you think.

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