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Announcing the Joetacular Joecember Joestravaganza!

This season, I admit, hasn't had a lot of Joe.  And someone out there must like him, right?  So we're solving that problem in December with the Joetacular Joecember Joestravaganza!

This is an idea so amazing, so innovative, so fresh and new that I didn't even come up with it until it was already underway!  This week's episode, Revenge, centers on Joe.  The next as I mentioned is The Adventures of Joe.  In the one after that, Joe might open a rave, I haven't really decided yet.

So I figure, why not add a fourth and make it a ridiculously tacky event?  I love tacky events.  I feel like a used car dealership here.

Enjoy the month of everyone's fifth-favorite character.  You earned it.