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Why There Was No Episode Last Week and Announcement

Yes, yes, I know, there was no episode last week. But we have a good reason. We were putting the finishing touches on a super secret project which I will reveal to you right now:

That's right, Luke and Joe have branched out to making fun of bad movies. We had to skip a week of episodes to finish up our first riff under the RiffTrax iRiff program, Bloody Pit of Horror.

Of course the rushing was for naught, it won't be up for about a month, but it's awesome anyway and I'd show you if we had that much bandwidth. But for now, enjoy this poster:

Bloody Pit of Horror Poster

We Win

Medieval Dating has won the following awards at the 48 Hour Film Project Machinima Competition:

Best Directing
Best Writing
Best Acting
Best of the Machinima Competition

We're awesome is basically what I'm saying here.  Go watch the thing and bask in our glory.

The Season Premier is online right now!

The long-awaited season premier is up for your viewing pleasure. I know I'm biased but I really like this one, here's hoping we can keep up this level of quality for another 15 episodes.

Oh, and while I have you here, become a fan on Facebook for reminders of new episodes and even the occasional sneak preview if Geiiga gets done early.  I wouldn't hold my breath but it's a possibility.  It's a relatively new thing so tell your friends.

New episode day is Monday now.

Last week's episode was late, but this week's episode is on time despite going up on the same day.  Why?  Because new episode day is Monday now.

The why is a long, boring story, but from now on there will be a new episode every Monday morning.

Also, don't want to wait all the way until Monday morning?  Become our fan on Facebook and get access to the occasional special Sunday afternoon preview. It's the easiest way to not forget to watch the new episode.

Attn: New Viewers

I'm talking to you, Felicia Day fans.

I put it on the About page but it bears repeating: For the love of god don't start at Episode 1x01.  This ain't Lost, the episodes stand alone and the early ones are terrible, and they get funnier as the series goes along.  Jump around, pick some at random, don't feel obligated to do them in order.  Plus we've even changed machinima programs since Season 1.  Not a good representation of the series.

If you're looking for some recommendations here are some of my favorites:

4x03 - Lodi
3x12 - What Is Love?
3x13 - A Very Joe Christmas
4x02 - April Fools
3x04 - Camping Trip
2x10 - Beardless