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Bloody Pit of Horror: Still On Its Way

The long-awaited riff of Bloody Pit of Horror, the one that was supposed to go live on Nov. 5, is still in the works.

It's a technical problem apparently.

But, as you can see from this here blog thingy right on the home page so conveniently, we're making some site upgrades to prepare for its arrival.  Like decorating the new baby's room before that baby is even born, when it's still fun and exciting and not a vomit-encrusted sleepless nightmare.

On the bright side we're still churning out episodes.  The one above for example, about the election from the point of view of the media.  It has a Joe Biden cameo so there's that.  And I'm writing a new one as we speak, despite the fact it's scheduled to go live on Thursday, because that's the level to which I procrastinate.


Bloody Pit of Horror IS AVAILABLE!

That's right!  The technical demons have been defeated and the riff is go!

Go.  Purchase.  Enjoy.