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48 Hour Film Festival Redux

Winning the 48 Hour Machinima Film Festival (by which I mean dominating because we're geniuses) made us eligible for the 48 Hour Film Project International Shootout, which is like the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions except with more nerds and less money.

Ok, maybe I'm being unfair to our competition.  Assuming all 40 other teams were nerds just because they had nothing to do but lose to us for an entire weekend, including both a Friday and a Saturday night, probably isn't fair.  I'm sure they had perfectly reasonable explanations.

Anyway, the result was Found Money, which was the requires subject.  We had to include a briefcase with $500,000, a cabbie named Calvin Deedle and make it a thriller.  We did all those things.

So watch and enjoy.  And, you can't vote or anything, but maybe if everyone sends cash to the festival organizers we'll win.  I'm not promoting cheating of course, mostly because we don't need the extra help, but send non-sequential unmarked bills to the festival organizers.